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Fourth Quarter Looks Promising

Good news, Kelley Blue Book predicts that the industry will see a strong fourth quarter. According to Kelley Blue Book analysts 62% of new and used car shoppers will be ready to buy in this last quarter of 2011. This coupled with incentive battles that they predict, should make for a good finish to the year. These prediction are based on a few key factors: fourth quarter is typically when dealers roll out big sales events, production will be back at 100% capacity since the March earthquake & tsunami and carmakers will have cash incentives on lease offerings to try to make up for the first part of 2011.

Since the March 11 earthquake many car manufacturers have been below normal sales levels for this time of year. In this fourth quarter many of the Japanese brands will finally be at full production and Kelley Blue Book anticipates that these manufacturers will attempt to recapture lost market share therefor offering stronger incentives to move cars.

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