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Should I buy an American Made Vehicle Right Now?

This year is very different than last year, last year people were talking about the end of the American auto industry and now the story is changing.  Domestic automakers are reaping the awards of problems with international automakers, such as recalls.  

There are many reasons why customers are rushing to buy American made vehicles:

  1. For starters you can get an exceptional deal right now.  With the Toyota recall Toyota is offering great deals and the domestic car makers are following right behind them.  For example, Ford and Chevrolet are offering a zero percent financing on most of their inventory. 
  2. The quality is high on the American brand cars.  J.D. Power released a Vehicle Dependability Study and it came out that the American brand vehicles are for the most part quality cars.  For example, the top two midsize cars for dependability are the Buick LaCrosse and Mercury Milan.
  3. American carmakers are now offering green options.  They have introduced a variety of American hybrids.  The 2010 North American Car of the Year is the Ford Fusion hybrid. 
  4. American automakers are becoming the class leaders. In the U.S. news car rankings the American vehicles are dominating the top spots for midsize and large car classes.  The top five affordable midsize SUVs are American and the top six full size pickups are American.
  5. If you buy an American vehicle you will be helping the American workers. When bailouts were given to General Motors and Chrysler not only would these bailouts help the companies, but they would help the American workers.  

Do you believe these are good reasons to buy an American made car?  Do you disagree with these reasons? 

To read the full article on Yahoo Autos, please click here.


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