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“adapt to an online world or die”

The clear message during a meeting at the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association convention was, “adapt to an online world or die.” Used-car dealers are for the most part late adopters to using online resources to advertise & engage with consumers. The opportunity to reach consumers online is huge according to a survey presented that shows 57% of people talk more to people online than in real life and used-car buyers said the internet was the, “most influential information resource” they use in car buying usually starting their search with sites like or

To give you an idea of the customers process when using the internet to find a car, these are the first few sites a consumer goes to when car shopping:

  1. The car dealer’s website
  3. Kelley Blue Book
  4. Manufacturer’s websites
  6. Craigslist

For used-car dealers, being online is essential and just as important is monitoring their reputation in this market.

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Consumers are Willing to Drive Over an Hour to Purchase a Car


According to a research done by Ad-ology, 38 percent of car buyers in the US will drive over an hour to get the best deal on a vehicle. This means that the more online presence you have the better off you are. You can advertise your dealership and vehicles through a company website and online marketing. The research also indicated that online videos were influential to potential customers and that twice as many males as females stated that the videos influenced them. This is why it is important to incorporate video onto your website. With Nowcom’s Dealer Websites one is able to insert html code that makes uploading videos from Youtube quick and simple. The CEO of Ad-ology, Lee Smith, stated that “The growing influence of online media has created the opportunity for price-sensitive consumers to shop beyond their own backyard.”

To read more about the research done by Ad-ology, click here and go to page 7.