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Nowcom Adds TIADA to their growing list of Automotive Industry memberships for 2013

Los Angeles, CA – November 26, 2012 – Nowcom Corporation today announces its new membership to Texas Independent Automobile Dealers Association (TIADA).  Recognized as a leader in the independent auto dealer industry, TIADA has over 1,000 of the best used car dealers in Texas as members.


Since 1944, TIADA has been and continues to be the only statewide organization for independent automobile dealers. Whether you sell 10 or 10,000 cars a year, TIADA is your voice in Austin. TIADA is a member-owned, member-governed association that consists of more than 1000 of the best used car dealers in Texas that believe in creating
a better image for the industry while protecting their rights as business owners. We are led by a number of dedicated volunteers from across the state and a professional, experienced staff committed to offering valuable programs and services to the independent automobile dealer.

About Nowcom

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Nowcom is a leading provider of dealer management solutions, specifically catering to the independent dealer’s needs., an all-in-one web-based dealer management software system allows the dealer full control over their sales, inventory, credit reports, insurance offering and financing. As an authorized reseller, Nowcom can grant dealerships access to all major services including credit bureaus, book services and other services popular with independent dealers. Nowcom’s staff has an extensive background in the automotive industry that prides themselves on their supreme level of customer service. Nowcom has over 11,000 active dealers using Nowcom products. Learn more about Nowcom at:


What is the best used hybrid to buy?

For hybrid vehicles, the Toyota Prius has topped many car categories in its class, for example, most fuel efficient, most sales and the list goes on.  It now has another “best” to add to the list. 

Edmunds states that the Toyota Prius is the best used hybrid car based on its safety, reliability, value and availability for the vehicle car years of 2003-2008.  Edmunds reveals that the perfect time to purchase a used car is when it is anywhere between 2 to 3 years old, but never over 7 years old.

Do you agree that the Prius is the best used car?  Let me know by leaving a comment.

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America’s Hard to Obtain Vehicles

In order to get the “Hard to Obtain Vehicle” list Yahoo got data from Wards Auto, which is an automotive data and analysis firm.  They took the average day supply rates of the 2010 models from March to May in order to get the average of how quickly these cars leave the lot.  Then they talked with the manufacturers to get an understanding of which cars people usually wait around for in order to buy.  

This list did not include luxury, exotic, car models from discontinued brands, trucks or SUVs.  This way the cars on the list are affected by different sales factors and are usually produced in smaller quantities with short day-supply rates.

The month of May was a better month for BMW because it reported 22,092 cars sold.  The German automakers sales went up about 5% over the same time last year.  In contrast this year was an almost 4% decline year to date from the last.  BMW says that they expect the new 5-series will have a strong Q3 and Q4.  So it might be difficult to get one of these 5 series sedans averaging $49,600.  So it is no wonder it is a part of the “Hard to Obtain Vehicles” list.

There are many Audi models on the list.  The Audi A5 really shined last month when it shattered its sales records.  In the month of May the A5/S5 model sold about 1,757 vehicles which was a year over year increase of 145%.

Imports tend to rank higher because of the different business model used by domestic and foreign brands.  Foreign brands are known to keep their supply lines tight in order to make it hard for dealers to discount the vehicles. 

America’s Hard to Obtain Vehicles

  • Audi S4
  • Audi S6
  • Volkswagen Golf/GTI
  • BMW 5-Series, 7-Series
  • Dodge Charger
  • Subaru Legacy
  • Lincoln Town Car
  • Audi A5
  • Audi R8
  • Honda Fit

Do you agree with this list?

To learn more about the list on Yahoo Autos, please click here.


Fun Friday- Funny World Cup Commercial


The 5 Best New Crossover Vehicles

The crossover has become America’s new popular vehicle because of its versatility.  Crossovers are mix of SUV and a station wagon.  Although crossovers do not have much off road capability they are great for families due to their spacious frames. The first crossover vehicle that was released in 1996 is the Toyota Rav 4 soon after that many other crossover vehicles emerged.  The new crossover category was established based on the wide popularity of this vehicle sector. 

The below list was composed by MSN, of the best crossover model released since the 2007 model year.  These vehicles are not necessarily known for their off road capabilities, but are best used for activities like family vacations. 

5 Best New Crossovers

2010 Audi Q5- The Audi Q5 is one of the best handling crossovers on the market today.  The Q5 is a spacious vehicle that seats 5 passengers.  The vehicle is powerful with a 270 hp 3.2 liter V6 engine making the car accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in a mere 6.7 seconds.  For the luxurious brand $37,000 is a pretty good deal for a car of its class. 

2010 GMC Acadia- This 8 passenger vehicle offers a very sophisticated handling for a vehicle of its size.  The interior is very classy and spacious with 117 cubic feet.  The crossover is able to tow up to 5,200 pounds.  This vehicle is a pleasant ride for transporting a family around town.  

2010 Ford Flex- The Ford Flex is a very unique with its boxy shaped exterior.  The vehicle is able to seat up to 7 passengers with 83.2 cubic feet of space.  The car is powered by a 262 hp 3.5 liter V6 engine.  The crossover has the ability to tow up to 4,500 pounds which is pretty impressive for a car of its size. 

2010 Hyundai Santa Fe- The Hyundai Santa Fe is a very attractive crossover with is curvy body shape and sharp lines.  The 2010 is the last generation of the midsize model platform.  The vehicle is ideal with its 4 cylinder V6 engine and spacious seating for up to 7 passengers.  Although this vehicle is almost as big as many midsize SUV the price tag isn’t nearly as big. The crossover is not short on soft surfaces and detail providing a sophisticated interior. 

2010 Volvo XC60- The Volvo XC60 model has been around since 2003.  When you are driving in this car you know that you are in a safe vehicle.  It was the first car to offer Roll Over Stability Control which helps with rollovers by giving electric stability. The crossover offers City Safety which is a feature that can detect accidents at speed of 19 mph or less and automatically puts on the brakes to help prevent a crash.  The car has a $37,000 price tag and is powered by a turbocharged 281 hp 3.0 liter inline six engine. 

Do you agree with this list?

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Car Dealers Hosting their Online Reviews

It is very difficult when people say negative things about your dealership online and you have no control over it.  A web service called Presto Reviews is changing all that by giving dealers the ability to host their own online reviews whether they are good or bad.  This brand was created by Scott Falcone who is a veteran of numerous subprime Chicago based dealerships.  He came up with this service because he was frustrated that he could not respond to the reviews at his World Hyundai of Chicago dealership.  This web service allows the dealer to respond to complaints made about their store, not deny them.  Falcone hired programmers to develop a site that allowed users and dealerships to have a conversation.  He now has about 50 clients. Each of the dealerships sites is like a third party operation.  Each of the sites is titled as “(Dealership’s Name) Reviews.”

Would you consider using this web service like this for your dealership?

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The Cars that “Do it All”

New vehicle niches are popping up all the time these days.  The auto market has become very fragmented so it is no wonder that a new vehicle segment has emerged, the “do it all” segment.  Many people wonder if there truly is a vehicle on the market that can do it all.  So MSN has composed a list of the top vehicles in the market that can “do it all.” 

2010 Ford Flex- This rectangular shaped car seats seven passenger and can comfortably seat two adults in the rear seats. The rear seats can be flipped down to make for more storage room.  The standard Ford Flex comes with a 3.5 liter 262 horsepower DOHC V6 engine with a 6 speed automatic gearbox.  All wheel drive is also an option on this crossover. 

2010 Ford Transit Connect- This full size van can be used as a 2 seat commercial van or as a 5 passenger van.  The interior in not very luxurious, but it is quite spacious.  You have the option to get Bluetooth capability, parking sensors and/or remote starts.

2010 Honda Fit- The Honda Fit may look small from the outside, but the inside is quite spacious.  The interior is simple and the second row seating can be arranged with many different panels and cushions. The crossover has a 1.5 liter DOHC 117 horsepower engine with 27 mpg city/ 33 mpg highway.

2010 Honda Ridgeline/Pilot- Both the Honda Ridgeline and Pilot make a very versatile pickup truck.  Both trucks are powered by a 3.5 liter 250 horsepower single overhead V6 engine. The pickup bed has a very nice feature which is a lockable trunk.

2010 Mercedes-Benz GL 350– This car is practical yet at the same time luxurious.  The Mercedes GL350 BlueTec is powered by a 3.0 liter turbo diesel 210 horsepower V6 engine.  The SUV has 14.3 cubic feet of luggage room and 83 cubic feet of room if you flip down the second and third row. 

2010 Subaru Outback-The Outback is truly the modern crossover.  This year’s Outback is much taller and wider than its predecessor.  The vehicle’s variable transmission makes the Outback 2.5i have fuel economy ratings of 22 mpg city and 29 mpg highway.

2010 Toyota 4Runner- The Toyota 4Runner is a very outdoorsy SUV.  This vehicle has is capable of going off-roading.  The vehicle has seating for five or seven passengers with an optional third row seating.

2011 Toyota Sienna- A minivan is perfect if you are looking for a car that provides comfort and space for your passengers.  This Sienna has the option for an all- wheel-drive and rear seat video screens to keep your passengers entertained.

2010 Volkswagon Jetta SportWagen TDI- The SportWagon provides the passengers an eco friendly ride.  With the “clean diesel” and “advanced lean burn” engine this car is not too bad for the environment.  The vehicle’s seats are comfortable and the wagon offers a lot of usable space.

2010 Volvo XC70- Volvos are known for being safe cars, but not only that they are very versatile, especially the XC70. The stylish vehicle comes with a 3.2 liter engine or a 3.0 liter 281 horsepower turbocharged engine.  The vehicle also has the maximum amount of towing capability.

To read the full article on MSN, please click here.


Which Used Cars are Best to Own

People are buying used cars more than ever these days.  It is said that once you leave the lot, a new car looses about 20 percent of its value.  So with the current economic situation it makes a lot of sense to buy a used car.  When buying a used car it is important to do your research on the vehicle.  MSN Autos put together a list of the “10 Best Used Cars to Own” the list is based on satisfaction surveys, true cost-of-

Hyundai Elantra– This vehicle is priced very low, for a new Elantra the price is starting at $14,145.  Although, a used 2007 Elantra can go for around eight thousand.  This sedan is roomy and pretty well designed.

Honda Accord- This vehicle usually scores high in the JD Power long term dependability test and maintains a high resale value. 

Mercury Montego– This sedan is the top ranking large sedan in the long term dependability study by J.D Powers and has a high safety rating making it a great bargain.

Honda CR-V- This sport utility vehicle has topped the J.D. Power 3 year dependability study.

Toyota Highlander- This crossover SUV has topped the dependability study and resale ratings. This car is probably better purchased used because the new ones are under recall.

Infiniti G35- The 2006 model has a 298 horsepower V6 engine which is comparable to the BMW 3 series, although, this car is much cheaper than the 3 series.

Cadillac DTS- This vehicle is known for its reliability and it comes for a great price. For a fully loaded 2006 it is around $22,000.

Toyota Tacoma- This midsize truck has great reliability and a good resale value.

Ford F-150- The Ford F-150 is very popular among truck lovers it is dependable and has a good resale value.

Porsche 911- For a sports car this is a great buy!  For a 2005 model Carrera it is about $40,000, which is pretty good for a sport car of its class.

To read more about the “10 Best Used Cars to Own” on MSN Auto, please click here.


Buying Used Cars: What to Avoid

When buying a used car there are many factors one looks into, but some very telling information is never looked at.  Many people usually compromise on necessities to meet ones pricing needs.  For many people it makes since to buy a used car because they are more affordable than a brand new one.  It is important to bargain with a dealer, but only if you have already done your research.  There are certain things that a car buyer should avoid when buying a used car. 

10 things to avoid when buying a used car:

  1. Buying a car with no service history report- It is thought that in this day in age with all the technology, a car that does not come with a service history report has probably not been serviced. 
  2. Buying a car that has a salvaged title- If an insurance company thinks the car is a “total loss” it probably is.
  3. Buying a car with mismatched tires- The tires on most cars wear out at the same time; so a car that needs a tire will probably need more than one.
  4. Buying a car with brushstrokes in the paint– If a car owner thinks to use house paint on a car it is likely that he or she has given up on much of the maintenance as well.
  5. Buying a car with acorns stashed in the glove box– If nature has started to come into the vehicle than stay away from it.  For example, if a squirrel has started to stash acorns in the 1992 year old vehicle you better believe it is going to come back for them.
  6. Buying a car that was once a rental– A lot of people who rent a car tend to drive more rebellious in it because it is not theirs.  So these cars tend to have more problems.
  7. Buying a car from a lot that has been covered in oil– A good sign that a car is not good to buy is that there is a puddle underneath it.  Many car dealers get around this by telling potential customers that it isn’t the car that the oil is coming from, it’s that the lot itself that is covered in oil.
  8. Buying a car with a manufacturer press fleet refugees– A car that is a press vehicle can be a bit damaged because it is pushed to the limits to demonstrate the car’s performance.
  9. Buying a car that became a race car– There are things that can be applied to a regular car that can make it have race car abilities and after that has been done it is hard to tame the vehicle back to normal.
  10. Buying a Camero with Death Metal stickers– This vehicle attracts buyers whose loyalty is not to the car, but to metal band legends.

So dealers before buying a used car for your fleet go over these 10 tips and you will be bound to have a decent history and a great inventory.

To read more about the 10 things to avoid on MSN Autos, please click here.


Make Sure Your Dealership is Giving Customers a “Hassle Free” Buying Experience

The nation’s premier car dealer review website, DealerRater, surveyed about 5,530 people to see which factors ranked the highest for consumers’ car purchase decision making. There were six factors in the survey, they were low price, hassle-free shopping, prompt attention, location of dealer, dealer reputation, and service promises.  The reviewers were also given an option of “other” so that they could fill in a factor that was not included in the list.

They found that the most important factor for customers in their buying decision is a “hassle free” shopping experience with about 30% of people stating this as the most important factor.  This helps the dealers understand how to approach the customers better by only applying a little amount of pressure while still giving the customer the feeling of control over the purchasing decision.

The next most important factor is the “dealer’s reputation” with about 20% of respondents thinking it was the most important factor. This shows that placing an effective reputation management program in place will help with portraying your dealership in the correct light.

After those 2 factors (hassle free buying experience and dealer’s reputation), it goes low prices (15%), prompt attention (10%), service promise (6%), and dealer location (3%).   What I found surprising is that the factor “low prices” was not the most important factor.  This study demonstrates the importance of good customer service within a dealership and that it is not all about pricing. 

To read about the poll on the DealerRater website please click here.


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