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Costs of owning & operating a vehicle have gone up

It probably isn’t a surprise to most of us that the cost of owning and operating a vehicle in the U.S. has gone up this year according to AAA’s 2011 “Your Driving Costs” study. What might be a surprise is that gas wasn’t the cost leader. Even though it seems like gas prices are constantly on the rise the biggest cost culprit this year: tire costs with an increase of 15.7%. Gas prices came in second with an increase of 8.6%. Although we have many more cars in the market and on the road that aim for fuel efficiency, it’s still not enough to truly offset what seems to the be the ever-increasing price of gas. The one factor that had the highest cost this year that many consumers often forget about is depreciation. Every year sedans depreciate by approximately $3,728 and that is up by 4.9% from last year. There is a bright side to all of these rising costs;  maintenance and insurance costs are both down for this year. And as you probably could have guessed; if you own a small car it costs less to own and operate, $8,776 per year versus a SUV that can cost up to $11,239 for the year.

AAA does this study every year. To read the entire article in AAA Newsroom, please click here.


Cars banned in EU by 2050?!

Random, interesting and international news for your Friday.

Last month the EU laid out a plan that would ban cars by 2050 from London and all other cities across Europe. It’s being called “single European transport area” aimed at enforcing “a profound shift in transport patterns for passengers” by 2050. That would basically mean no more conventionally fueled cars. Sounds like a drastic change doesn’t it? Even though the year 2050 sounds years and years away, it will be interesting to see what plans are implemented in the coming years that can get them to that goal. With most of us in the U.S. so dependent and attached to our vehicles, it’s hard to imagine a complete ban. For many in metropolitan cities across the U.S. we would need to be weaned off slowly (to say the least) and definitely have more viable public transportation options.

The overall goal of this proposed plan is to cut climate change emissions. And as you probably would have expected, The Association of British Drivers rejected the plan.

Sound crazy or sound like what the future may hold?

To read the full article on The Telegraph please click here.


Car Dealerships and Social Media


Using social media for car dealerships to promote vehicles maybe a new phenomenon, but social media really just takes the business back to the basics.  A company named ADR consulting is in charge of a series of social media classes for independent car dealers.  These seminars demonstrate to dealerships the values of trust and relationships that have traditionally been a part of dealerships in the past and using those basic fundamentals online.  A first part of the seminar demonstrates the importance of a dealership understanding their business’s foundation before they try to present themselves to an online community. 

Nowadays people are using the internet to research vehicles and dealerships before actually going to the lot.  They are using unique resources like online guidebooks, automotive reviews and referrals from family and friends to educate themselves before the big purchase.  This changes the buying cycle because before going to the car lot was the first step and now it is the last.

Social media affects both young and old.  These days not only are the younger generations a part of the social media wave the older ones are as well. Although, the ADR seminars primarily focus on the younger target market it is important that dealerships don’t totally cross out the older generations when it comes to social media. 

The introduction of these seminars proves to the auto industry the importance of marketing their dealerships.  Social media is a great way to get your dealerships name out there.  Not only is social media important, the use of uploading your vehicle inventory to online marketplaces is also helpful.

To learn more about the use of social media for auto dealers on Used Car News, please click here.


Top Ten Professionals That Are The Most Dangerous Drivers

An insurance rating agency ranked the each profession to see which proffesion had the most dangerous drivers. Well it turns out that lawyers aren’t as good with driving as they are with the law, they topped the list, On the contrast the least dangerous drivers are athletes and homemakers. believes that working professional with stress filled careers spend more time in the car and more time doing distracting things like talking on the telephone; this may lead to them being dangerous drivers.

Top Ten Most Dangerous Drivers

1. Attorney/judge
2. Financial professionals
3. Government worker (GS6)
4. Bartender or waiter
5. Business professionals
6. Dog groomer
7. Marketing/advertising professionals
8. Barber/stylist
9. Coach
10. Nurse

So dealers make sure that your customers have insurance or sell them an insurance binder to protect you and the investment.


Woman Filed a Lawsuit Claiming She Was Forced to Buy a Car


A 77 year old woman in Des Moines, Iowa is claiming that a saleswoman at Holmes Hyundai in Clive pressured her to purchase a new car while she was waiting for an oil change on her 2006 vehicle.  Audrey McKnight, the 77 year old woman, claims that she was pressured for hours to buy this new vehicle and that she kept telling the saleswoman that she could not afford it and finally gave into the pressure.  Ms. McKnight made the claim under the new Iowa fraud law.

What do you think?  Do you think she should be able to get her money back?  Or do you think she should keep the car and not get her money back?  Leave a comment and let me know.   

To read more about the story on click here.


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