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Fun Friday- Car Dealership Cartoon


Top Ten Professionals That Are The Most Dangerous Drivers

An insurance rating agency ranked the each profession to see which proffesion had the most dangerous drivers. Well it turns out that lawyers aren’t as good with driving as they are with the law, they topped the list, On the contrast the least dangerous drivers are athletes and homemakers. believes that working professional with stress filled careers spend more time in the car and more time doing distracting things like talking on the telephone; this may lead to them being dangerous drivers.

Top Ten Most Dangerous Drivers

1. Attorney/judge
2. Financial professionals
3. Government worker (GS6)
4. Bartender or waiter
5. Business professionals
6. Dog groomer
7. Marketing/advertising professionals
8. Barber/stylist
9. Coach
10. Nurse

So dealers make sure that your customers have insurance or sell them an insurance binder to protect you and the investment.