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Used Car Online Website Scam

The scam artist used the identity of an Auto dealer called the Summit Auto Sales in Pontiac, Michigan. The online scam site had the Summit Auto Sales business name and address in order to scam numerous people into buying vehicles online. The unsuspecting customers would purchase the vehicle through the phony site and be told that the vehicle would be shipped to them directly. The consumers thought that the reason why the vehicles were at such a bargain prices was because the vehicles were repossessed. When angry “customers” called to complain about not receiving the purchased vehicles a voice recoding would direct the callers to the phony website’s contact form.

Approximately 20 used car buyers where scammed out of lots of money. A Connecticut consumer lost approximately $4,000 in cash due to wiring the money to the phony online site.

The owner of Summit Auto Sales found out about the scam website when he got numerous calls from people complaining about vehicles that were bought and never received. The owner did not have a clue what these people were talking about.

This story is a prime example about how important it is to do your research before giving out your credit card information or money to an online website.  These days with the internet it is very easy for scam artist to build phony websites with fake products.  Always make sure that you use secure payment systems such as Pay Pal when handing over your credit card information.  In addition if you see something online where the price is far below market value than be cautious about buying that particular item.  As I always say it is better to be safe than sorry!

To learn more about this story on Hartford Business Journal online please click here.


Successful Dealers Share their Secrets to Success



It is always good to learn the practices of other successful people in your industry.  According to a study done by EasyCare the dealers that have done well during this recessionary period have all concentrated on these three things. 

–          Seize the opportunity to obtain growth in your business 

–          Get to the basics of good business 

–          Mine the value in your current customer base 

The dealers also offered some advice to help with better business practices by focusing on the basic principles of a dealership.  One dealer said “Yes, I’m talking basics. Why companies get away from these simple things is a mystery. At (the dealership), we have tried very hard to stick with the basics over the last 50 years,” the dealer continued. “This business really has not changed that much over the years; people simply want good value for their money from a company that they have a good relationship with, one that will provide a fantastic buying and ownership experience. How has that changed?”  Most of these dealers that have blossomed in this time have felt that many dealerships have lost the basics.  One dealer described this by saying, “I find that the ‘basics’ are what people want to abandon first and the strange thing is that these ‘basics’ are usually free or at little cost to the company. I’m speaking of simple things like follow up, professional demonstrations, new owner clinics, sales contest, keeping the display clean and perfect, building/lawn maintenance, employee recognition, etcetera.”  

Continuing to spend money on marketing is another method to help increase sales. Easy Care stated that its most significant finding from the survey was that, “simply put, the dealers whose revenues had grown or stayed the same were significantly more likely (up to 56 percent more likely) to have maintained or increased their marketing investment, and 71 more likely to have maintained or grown their personal expenses.” 

These are only some of the highlights found in this study.  To read more about the study on please click here.


August 2020

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