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Tickets for Tots

Well getting a speeding ticket over the holidays is not all that bad if you live in Sansom Park, Texas that is.  Most people tend to be upset when they receive a speeding ticket due to the price of the ticket and the bump in insurance. But if you are driving over the speed limit and living in the small town of Sansom Park you are given a different slip of paper.  The program the town started is called “Ticket’s for Tots,” this makes it so that if y0u receive a speeding ticket you are allowed to donate toys to needy families instead.  The speeding ticket in turn is more of a warning ticket and is able to be paid through giving toys away to families in need.  The “Tickets for Tots” program has been so successful that the police department received so many toys that they needed to move the toys to the town Fire Department in order to have more space.  People who haven’t even received a speeding ticket have wanted to donate to the cause as well.

 To read more about the “Tickets for Tot’s” program on Aol Autos click here.


Woman Filed a Lawsuit Claiming She Was Forced to Buy a Car


A 77 year old woman in Des Moines, Iowa is claiming that a saleswoman at Holmes Hyundai in Clive pressured her to purchase a new car while she was waiting for an oil change on her 2006 vehicle.  Audrey McKnight, the 77 year old woman, claims that she was pressured for hours to buy this new vehicle and that she kept telling the saleswoman that she could not afford it and finally gave into the pressure.  Ms. McKnight made the claim under the new Iowa fraud law.

What do you think?  Do you think she should be able to get her money back?  Or do you think she should keep the car and not get her money back?  Leave a comment and let me know.   

To read more about the story on click here.


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