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Nowcom’s Global Services Launches Call Center in the Philippines

Los Angeles, CA – November 16, 2012  Nowcom Corporation’s Global Services launched a new Verification Call Center in the Philippines.  The new call center is successfully implemented and starting to initiat and receive calls. According to Yvonne Fleming, Director of the Philippines call center, she expects to hire an additional 25 new employees by the end of December, 2012.  Plans for expansion into other areas are underway and are expected to be implemented in Q1 2013.

About Nowcom

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California and an office in the Philippines,  Nowcom is a leading provider of dealer management solutions, specifically catering to the independent dealer’s needs., an all-in-one web-based dealer management software system allows the dealer full control over their sales, inventory, credit reports, insurance offering and financing. As an authorized reseller, Nowcom can grant dealerships access to all major services including credit bureaus, book services and other services popular with independent dealers. Nowcom’s staff has an extensive background in the automotive industry that prides themselves on their supreme level of customer service. Nowcom has over 11,000 active dealers using Nowcom products. Learn more about Nowcom at:



Nowcom Makes “Top 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies” List

Los Angeles, CA – November 12, 2012 –  The Los Angeles Business Journal ranked Nowcom Corporation #49 on  Los Angeles County’s 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2012.  All nominees received recognition at the The Fastest Growing Private Company Awards Reception on Monday November 12th at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, CA .

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Nowcom the leading provider of dealer management solutions, specifically catering to the independent dealer’s needs. With offices in Los Angeles, CA and the Philippines, Nowcom has over 200 employees with $30M in revenues for 2011.


Developing Your People

Dealer management involves much more than just customer management, there are the people who work for you and with you that can account for the majority of the success you can have. Having the right people on your team can make all the difference and much of the success can be developed internally by both management and the sales team. There are many examples of what successful organizations do and how they succeed, here are a few examples of things they have focused on:

  • Recruitment
  • Training
  • Promote from Within

These are all simple things that are probably not given enough focus on a daily basis in many businesses, how about yours?

To read full article in Dealer Business Journal, please click here.


Dealer Flexibility in Tough Economic Times

With the economy putting many used car shoppers in a unique economic situation, dealers have had to get creative at making deals happen for customers that need to buy or finance a vehicle. While in years past collections policies were stricter now many used cars dealers have to have a lot more leniency when it comes to struggling customers. Some dealers are going as far as trying to find jobs for their buy here, pay here customers versus repossess their vehicles.

To read full article in Used Car News, please click here.


Which Cars Are Actually Made in the U.S.

Ever wonder what your car’s history really is and which car models are actually made in the United States? Consumer Reports wondered the same thing and compiled a list of how many cars each brand actually builds in the U.S.. After looking at 2011 models sold in the United States there were a few surprises and many that were as expected. Chevy and Ford led the way with the most models, followed by Toyota, GMC and Honda. The one surprise was from Chrysler; they have just one car built within the U.S..

To read the full article in Consumer Reports, please click here.


Top 5 things that annoy drivers while on the road

Motor Trend recently polled its readers to find out what the top 5 things are that annoy drivers the most while driving. I’m sure you won’t see anything on the list that is surprising but it’s nice to know that you aren’t the only one that is bothered when they happen. Many people take driving seriously and one participant even wrote, “It makes me want to tear their license plates off!”. I’m sure many of us have had those moments while behind the wheel.

Top 5 sources of irritation for drivers:

  1. 43.5% – Being stuck behind slow drivers
  2. 23.2% – Inattentive drivers texting and talking on cell phones
  3. 16.1% – Drivers that don’t use turn signals
  4. 10% – Aggressive drivers cutting through traffic
  5. 7.2% – Drivers who refuse to turn right on red

To read full Press Release in Motor Trend, please click here.


Gas saving tips!

No matter where you live, you can see the increase in gas prices. This cost of gas definitely has most altering driving or travel plans and trying to figure out ways to save. AAA found that 4 in 10 drivers alter their plans in some way because of high gas prices. Here are a few tips that may help you save a few dollars on gas and hopefully give you piece of mind that you can keep your gas cost under control.

  • Make sure to keep your trunk light. According to the U.S. Department of Energy an extra 100 pounds can reduce your miles per gallon by up to 2%.
  • Park instead of drive-through. Experts recommend that you park your car instead of waiting in the drive-through line. Chevy found that waiting in drive-through for 15 minutes can use an extra quarter gallon of gas when they tested this using the Chevy Cruze.
  • Driving aggressively will cost you. The Department of Energy says driving sensibly can reduce gas bill by 5% in the city and 33% highway.
  • Use cruise control. For maximum efficiency maintain the same speed.
  • Keep it under 60 miles per hour. The Department of Energy estimates that for every 5 mph that you go over 60 mph will cost you 24 cents per gallon in gas.
  • Plan ahead. Fewer trips and driving less when your engine is cold makes it so your car is operating more efficiently.
  • Shop around. Make sure you know where the best gas prices are. With so many online resources you can shop around before you drive around.
  • Check your tires. According to the Department of Energy, proper tire inflation can improve fuel efficiency by as much as 3%.
  • Try and drive less. Walk/bike when you can. Take advantage of public transportation when possible and when you do have to drive, try to carpool.

To read full article in Autos on, please click here.


Cars banned in EU by 2050?!

Random, interesting and international news for your Friday.

Last month the EU laid out a plan that would ban cars by 2050 from London and all other cities across Europe. It’s being called “single European transport area” aimed at enforcing “a profound shift in transport patterns for passengers” by 2050. That would basically mean no more conventionally fueled cars. Sounds like a drastic change doesn’t it? Even though the year 2050 sounds years and years away, it will be interesting to see what plans are implemented in the coming years that can get them to that goal. With most of us in the U.S. so dependent and attached to our vehicles, it’s hard to imagine a complete ban. For many in metropolitan cities across the U.S. we would need to be weaned off slowly (to say the least) and definitely have more viable public transportation options.

The overall goal of this proposed plan is to cut climate change emissions. And as you probably would have expected, The Association of British Drivers rejected the plan.

Sound crazy or sound like what the future may hold?

To read the full article on The Telegraph please click here.



Having completed a $3,500,000 renovation, a sister company to NOWCOM, has reopened the legendary Bimini Big Game Club as a Guy Harvey Outpost Resort & Marina. Located 50 miles east of Miami in the Bahamas, this boutique hotel includes 51 deluxe rooms and suites and a 75 slip marina capable of accommodating boats to 150 feet in length.  Renovations have included reconstruction of all public areas, guestrooms and installation of new furniture and artwork throughout the resort.  A renown artist, angler, diver, and adventure traveller, Guy Harvey is foremost a marine scientist and conservation authority and brings a new identity and vision to the Bimini Big Game Club,  which was founded in the late 1930’s as an exclusive dinner club for blue marlin fishermen.  The Club intends to launch a new “best in class” scuba diving operation, expand into backcountry fishing, and offer extensive marine conservation and educational programs featuring Bimini’s world-recognized research into sharks.  NOWCOM assisted ownership and the Guy Harvey Outpost team in its efforts to build the resorts new website:


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