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Fun Friday- Balancing Act


Used Car Prices on the Rise has reported that the used car prices over a large area have increased dramatically.  They believe that this could have to do with supply and consumer confidence.  Consumers are hesitant in buying new cars because of their high cost which is not good for the new car market, but is leading to more sales in the used.

Depending on the analysis the used car price is either staying the same or rising.  A three year old car may cost a lot more than it did last year, although, a two year old car in 2009 currently costs more than a three year old car in 2010 due to the supply.  What is going to happen 2 years from now when the results of last year’s 11 million of new cars are felt?

Do you agree with this?  Let me know by leaving me a comment.

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Fun Friday- Stunt Fail


The 5 Best Ways to Increase your Sales

Below are 5 selling tips that will help increase your sales and in turn increase your profit margin.  These tactics work for online and traditional marketing.  And did I mention they won’t cost you anything to start!

  1. Promote with a yes or no– When you promote only 1 product or service it is more effective. The potential buyer can either say “yes” or “no” to the product or service.  When the immediate answer is yes it generates a very quick sale.  Avoiding promotions that make the potential buyer have many choices is the best way to go.  Most people are not able to make a clear choice when they have many options so they just resort to “No”.  All in all make the prospective buyer have a simple “yes” or “no” choice.
  2. 2. Lead in with your biggest benefit- What is the biggest benefit that your store gives to its customers.  This is your selling point.  Use this benefit to reel in your customers in.  In your marketing items I would always state your company’s biggest benefit.  By putting your biggest benefit first in all of your advertisements and website you will immediately get the customers attention.
  3. Personalize your approach-When you customize a message to a particular person it makes it feel more personal.  By customizing your marketing to a certain person or area it will improve customer’s vision of your company.  One way to personalize your store is to personalize your website.  By creating special web pages for each area with different content tailored to that particular area can make your website appear friendlier.
  4. Give your customers specifics- When you use broad words it is less effective, like fast or easy.  Try to give your customers more specifics by describing why it’s fast and why it’s easy.  It is more motivating to customers to see the facts about the company then just general statements or words.
  5. Zone in on feelings- Customers tend to buy things on impulse, not really on logic. They base their buying off of how they feel.  The more excited you get your customers on your product the better.  You should tailor your marketing to reflect the emotional rewards they will get after they purchase your product.

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Do you agree with these 5 business selling tactics?  Let me know by leaving a comment.


Fun Friday- Security Guard Fail


Auto Dealers are Dealing with Shortages on the Trendiest Car Models

A few years ago automakers started to give dealers much more cars than the dealers felt they were able to sell.  The only way they could sell these vehicles was by offering extreme discounts.  Nowadays dealers are saying that they have a completely different problem:  they are not able to get enough or the trendiest models.

Vice President of Galpin Ford in Los Angeles, Beau Boeckmann, said that they asked for 100 Fusion vehicles, but only received seven.

“I am begging for inventory across the board,” Boeckmann said. According to Bloomberg news reports his dealership is Ford’s top seller. He said that he couldn’t sleep a year ago because they thought they had that year’s supply of cars.  And these days he is worried about the opposite because now he doesn’t feel they have enough vehicles.

There are many different cars that are hot right now for various reasons.  The hot cars are really the ones that the buyers are very eager to get.  The Chevrolet Equinox has been in very short supply for many months probably because it is a crossover and that is a good size for many people and has great features.  This new problem of not enough supply is quite a new phenomenon from the prior years.

Buyers are not able to have the car choices they use to have.  About five years ago the automakers were not shutting down the plants they kept them running even though the demand wasn’t necessarily there for the cars produced.  Detroit’s Big 3 has shut down a bunch of plants and thousands of jobs have been lost to make their production fit with the demand.

Automakers are very aware of the dealer’s requests for the hot vehicles.  They have increased shifts to the plants that have the trendiest model cars.  Although these changes seem to not be enough to fill the depleted inventories the dealers are facing.

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How you can tell if a car’s odometer’s been tampered with

One of the biggest scams when trying to sell a car is to roll back the odometer to create a higher resale value.  These days it is a bit harder to tamper with the odometer because of newer computer technology and vehicle history reports.  Many used car dealers and sneaky people are still trying to roll back the odometers in order to charge customers more for the vehicle than what it’s worth.

Even removing just 10,000 miles from a vehicle’s odometer can help the seller get an additional $1,000 more.  The vehicle may look nice from the outside, but the older and/or the more mileage the vehicle has the more maintenance.  So it is no wonder why shoppers prefer low mileage vehicle.  So it is important to make sure that the odometer is accurate and has not been tampered with.

Ways to tell if a car’s odometer has been tampered with

  • Get a vehicle history report on the car to go over the state registration and emissions along with much more.
  • Look at the dashboard for marks or to see if it loose.
  • If the odometer is not digital and it is analog make sure that the mileage numbers are aligned.
  • While taking the car on a test drive, make sure the odometer doesn’t stick.
  • Look for service stickers under the hood or on the inside of the door.  These stickers typically have mileage on them.
  • Look at the owner’s manual for the maintenance records if there are pages removed consider it a warning sign.
  • If the vehicle is being purchased at a dealership ask them to do a computer check to see if they have warranty records.
  • Ask to see the vehicles title and look at signs that the mileage may have been changed.  Check the titles issue date.  Look to see if the car was sold as soon as it was issued, this is a common way people hide a cars actual mileage.
  • Check for signs of wear (i.e. the chairs & carpet) this could be a sign that the vehicle has more miles.  Or if some of the parts in the vehicle look too new this could be a sign as well.
  • Have a mechanic do a vehicle inspection and ask him to look for signs of odometer tampering.

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