Nowcom Reaches Milestone with 10,000 Subscribed Dealers

Nowcom Reaches Milestone with 10,000 Subscribed Dealers

Growth expected to continue amid employee growth and new features for DealerCenter.net

Los Angeles, CA May 3, 2012 – Nowcom, whose goal is to bring every service the independent dealer needs to one site, today announces that it has passed the 10,000 dealer mark. Nowcom currently offers 13 products on DealerCenter.net, to its dealers, all of which are fully integrated into the site. “Our objective is to continue to increase our dealer base, as well as our product penetration per dealer. To achieve this, we will continue to add new and innovative products to DealerCenter and also increase our sales force” says Rufus Hankey, President of Nowcom.

Nowcom’s revenue from its dealer base has reached $1.3MM per month, which represent about a third of its total revenue. The key to this success resides in the symbiotic relationship that Nowcom and Westlake Financial Services share in their approach to the market. “Both our companies owe much of their success to the fact that they share the common goal of providing the dealer a smooth, automated, and integrated experience in DealerCenter. As a result Nowcom benefits from the 271 Westlake sales reps that drive dealers to DealerCenter for one purpose, while Westlake benefits from Nowcom’s 17 sales reps that assist in training dealers to use DealerCenter for other purposes”, says Rufus.

As a result of its overall success, Nowcom has just increased its number of employees from 95 at the end of 2011, to 160 employees by the end of April of this year. The lion’s share of that is for the purpose of increasing Nowcom’s R&D capacity. “We always have more IT projects in the queue than there are developers to execute them. This will certainly accelerate our innovation and delivery to the marketplace”, says Jay Kamdar, EVP of Nowcom.

About Nowcom

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Nowcom the leading provider of dealer management solutions, specifically catering to the independent dealer’s needs. DealerCenter.net, an all-in-one dealer management software system that allows the dealer full control over their sales, inventory, credit reports, insurance offering and financing. As an authorized reseller, Nowcom can grant dealerships access to all major services including credit bureaus, book services and other services popular with independent dealers. Nowcom’s staff has an extensive background in the automotive industry that prides themselves on their supreme level of customer service. Learn more about Nowcom at: www.Nowcom.com

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