Is Now the Time to Buy a Used Truck or SUV?

When is the right time to buy a used car, specifically a used truck or SUV? According to one article the best time is now because wholesale prices are dropping in both the used truck and SUV category. Some of the best research that supports this is research that Black Book does every week at auctions.  For the past months Black Book.com has found that within the Top 5 declining vehicle segments in the used car market are: midsize pickups and compact crossovers. Combine this information with these useful tips from Save Money on Your Next Truck or SUV and it may just be the time to buy.

A few tips when trying to save money on your next used truck or SUV purchase are:

  • Independent dealers need your money more: there is a greater pressure to deal
  • Find a smart dealer: If dealer website are updated with new pricing daily then you’ve found one with smart business practices
  • Cash is king
  • Do your homework on the Options
  • Be willing to settle
  • Avoid Certified Pre-Owned

To read the full article as well as complete list from Save Money on Your Next Truck or SUV, please click here.

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