Why car shoppers would choose your dealership. . .

Apparently dealership behavior has a lot to do with if a car shopper accepts a deal when shopping and buying a car. According to CarWoo.com 54.6% of the time buyers did not buy their car from the dealership with the lowest priced offer.  After they looked at all the data, they saw that there were 4 major elements that go into the car-buying decision:

  1. Professionalism of the dealership staff, including engagement and responsiveness
  2. Right vehicle and how close what’s offered meets the buyer’s wishes and specification
  3. Price in the context of its competitiveness in the market
  4. Distance to the dealership

As you can see the data highlights the importance of professionalism and staying competitive overall. Professionalism and price are important to a car shopper and this study shows that potential buyers are looking for both the right car and the right dealership to buy it from. There are many factors that can aid dealers in being competitive and one such factor is having proper inventory management and really just overall proper dealer management. This can help to move used car inventory off your lot quicker and make you more competitive. 

To read more on this in WardsAuto.com, please click here.

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