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What Consumers Love and Hate about Car Dealers

So what do customers love and hate about Car Dealers? CarGurus recently did a study of 1,000 dealership reviews posted by car shoppers over a 6 month span to find out just that. The results aren’t surprising and show that some basic things in customer service can really make a big difference to the consumer.

Top 5 Consumer Complaints:

  1. No Response: Dealers didn’t call or e-mail back
  2. Bait and Switch: car advertised is no longer available when car shopper gets to dealership, just sold
  3. Communications Disconnect: unable to get prompt accurate answers via email and inconsistent information between online staff and showroom staff
  4. Unsatisfactory Customer Service: Rude, arrogant or uninformed service from dealers and aggressive and arrogant attitudes from some dealers
  5. Time Wasted: Chasing answers from dealers, wasted time driving to the dealership just to find out the car is no longer available and having to wait at the dealership even when they have an appointment

Top 5 reasons consumers love dealers

  1. Friendly, Professional Service: Dealers that were sensitive to the consumers unique needs
  2. Fast Response: Quick response to online inquiries
  3. Accurate Answers: Consumers loved dealers that were willing to provide detailed answers via e-mail or phone rather than pushing for them to come in to the dealership for answers
  4. Clean Dealerships, Clean Car Interiors: Consumers love clean!
  5. Good Prices: Consumers love when they feel they got a competitive, fair price

To read full article on the CarGurus study in F&I Magazine, please click here.

How would your dealership stack up?