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Odometer fraud: affects price & safety

When looking at used cars one of the first things we look at is condition and mileage to get an idea of the vehicle’s history. The mileage on a vehicle is one of those key indicators that tells you how much wear it has and of course what value it will have when you buy it or sell it. So when a seller has rolled back the odometer it not only inflates the price of the vehicle but also is getting you a car that is less safe than you may have thought. The office of Odometer Fraud Investigations works hard to track down those that repeatedly purchase high mileage vehicles and tamper with the odometer to re-sell them. They also offer information on how to protect those purchasing vehicles with the helpful tips so they can identify the signs of odometer tampering especially with the newer used cars that have the digital odometers. Here are a few of the things they say to watch for when purchasing a vehicle:

  • Compare the odometer mileage with maintenance and inspection records
  • Look at wear and tear on the vehicle and make sure it seems consistent with the stated mileage
  • Run a free Carfax Odometer Check and consider requesting a Vehicle History Report to check for odometer discrepancies in the vehicle’s history

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