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Top 5 things that annoy drivers while on the road

Motor Trend recently polled its readers to find out what the top 5 things are that annoy drivers the most while driving. I’m sure you won’t see anything on the list that is surprising but it’s nice to know that you aren’t the only one that is bothered when they happen. Many people take driving seriously and one participant even wrote, “It makes me want to tear their license plates off!”. I’m sure many of us have had those moments while behind the wheel.

Top 5 sources of irritation for drivers:

  1. 43.5% – Being stuck behind slow drivers
  2. 23.2% – Inattentive drivers texting and talking on cell phones
  3. 16.1% – Drivers that don’t use turn signals
  4. 10% – Aggressive drivers cutting through traffic
  5. 7.2% – Drivers who refuse to turn right on red

To read full Press Release in Motor Trend, please click here.