BHPH customer vs. Traditional buyer characteristics

As we would probably guess, there are a few differences between a traditional buyer and a Buy Here Pay Here customer. At the recent NABD conference AutoTrader.com shared the results of a special BHPH study. One of the things they discovered is that 81% of BHPH customers do “some” to a “great deal” of research before buying a vehicle and although they use the internet just as much as traditional buyers, their car research is not done online. This makes for a pretty big opportunity to target BHPH customers with the right message said, Howard Polirer of AutoTrader.com. Since the BHPH customer is most concerned with finding financing first, that should be the focus of advertising if you want to target BHPH customers. The following are some of the characteristics of the average BHPH customer compared to your average traditional buyer:

  • Higher percentage are female
  • Average age is younger
  • Annual income is less
  • Lower percentage are married
  • Lower credit rating (poor credit rating)

To read the full article in SubPrime Auto Finance News, please click here.

1 Response to “BHPH customer vs. Traditional buyer characteristics”

  1. June 6, 2011 at 6:02 am

    A great Buy Here Pay Here is Regal Car Sales and Credit. We have 13 dealerships in Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. Regal is probably one of the best in the business as we have consistently ranked in the top 5 of “The Top 50 Independent Retailers” list by Auto Dealer Monthly.

    We have an unbeatable 12Month/12,000 Mile Warranty 100% parts and labor free.
    Regal reports the credit bureaus every month to help you build your credit.

    We have an A+ BBB rating to go along with our award winning customer service. Regal is a TRUE BHPH meaning we ONLY offer in house financing.

    Want to know more about us? Check out our blog at http://www.regalcarsonline.com

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