Getting a Good Deal on a Used Car

Many consumers that are in the market for a used car will find that they really are going to have to shop smarter and do even more homework before buying. With factors such as the recession and parts shortages caused by earthquake and tsunami in Japan the used car market is getting squeezed and supplies are, and will continue to be affected. In the past 6 years this is the highest that used car prices have been and it looks like supplies will continue to be limited for another two years.

Kiplinger offers advice on how to get the best deal on a used car. They recommend the following strategies to find the values and negotiate a good deal. First, you must know what is important to you: is it fuel economy or space? Do you want a small car or need a truck? Mark Scott from AutoTrader.com recommends looking at cars that have recently updated their design. If the latest model has a new look than previous models are likely to be priced lower. Secondly, shop smart and start your search and research online. AutoTrader.com and Cars.com are two of the biggest sites and great place to start. And finally before you sign make sure you check out the vehicle’s history report and of course get the vehicle inspected.

To read the full Kiplinger’s article, please click here.

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