new york & shanghai auto show – going on now

This year the New York International Auto Show and the Shanghai Auto Exhibition are taking place at the same time, now. Although the Shanghai auto exhibition has only been around for 14 years, compared to the New York century-old event, it is still getting quite a bit of attention and focus from automakers. Mercedes-Benz and General Motors are making sure to have important car unveilings at both shows rather than just focus attention on one. In the past years as the U.S. auto market has seen lots of changes and decline, the Chinese auto market has seen a rise in sales so there is no doubt why automakers are making time to pay attention and be present at the Shanghai auto expo. The theme for this year’s auto expo in Shanghai, “Innovation for Tomorrow” represents the changing industry and evolving needs of consumers. And although the Shanghai expo is important for many automakers, the New York International Auto Show still has their attention.

To read the full article in the New York Times, please click here.

With the auto industry facing many challenges, hopefully the auto shows will help to spark excitement for what is to come.

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