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This Year over 2 Million Vehicles Are Going to be Sold on Social Network Sites

No matter what your thoughts are on social networking, it is here to stay.  It is a very effective tool in the sale of a car and dealers should really use it to their advantage.

It is very hard to obtain hard numbers to contribute to the sale of a vehicle due to a social media outlet such as Facebook and/or Twitter.  According to Forbes the US is on the track to sell more than 2 million vehicles, the majority of them being used through sites such as Craigslist. 

Social networking sites are based on connections or friendships that people have with each other, which implies an essence of trust.  When a person sees a Facebook post or a tweet, even if they are not it the market to buy a vehicle, they are likely to remember the post and it will help with branding of the dealership and a possible sale of a car.  For most people it is very important to trust the dealership and sales personnel when buying such an expensive purchase and social media will help in establishing that trust.

Past the whole trust aspect there is the rise in digital media over print.  Most people go to the computer when looking for a car than classified ads.  Print media is somewhat a thing of the past when trying to sell a used vehicle.  Twitter and Facebook give you the ability to get your message out to thousands of people and it is free!  The tweets and posts are instantaneous and can be updated regularly as well. 

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