Digital License Plates in California

Due to the California’s budget crisis of a $19.1 billion deficit the state is coming up with ways to fix the problem.  A study bill has been presented that lets the DMV to look at the feasibility of digital license plates.  These digital plates would show the license number when the vehicle is moving and when the car is stopped for more than a few seconds the plate will show ads and\or public service announcements.  They haven’t decided whether the license plate number would be shown on the license plate when it is stopped or not. 

The reason why they are considering a public-private partnership for digital license plates is because it would create revenue and jobs.  These digital license plates are not in the near future, as the company that is providing the technology doesn’t have a prototype yet.  The DMV has until 2013 to finish its research before these digital license plates are even approved. 

To learn more about these Digital License plates on AutoBlog, please click here.

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