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Car Dealerships and Social Media


Using social media for car dealerships to promote vehicles maybe a new phenomenon, but social media really just takes the business back to the basics.  A company named ADR consulting is in charge of a series of social media classes for independent car dealers.  These seminars demonstrate to dealerships the values of trust and relationships that have traditionally been a part of dealerships in the past and using those basic fundamentals online.  A first part of the seminar demonstrates the importance of a dealership understanding their business’s foundation before they try to present themselves to an online community. 

Nowadays people are using the internet to research vehicles and dealerships before actually going to the lot.  They are using unique resources like online guidebooks, automotive reviews and referrals from family and friends to educate themselves before the big purchase.  This changes the buying cycle because before going to the car lot was the first step and now it is the last.

Social media affects both young and old.  These days not only are the younger generations a part of the social media wave the older ones are as well. Although, the ADR seminars primarily focus on the younger target market it is important that dealerships don’t totally cross out the older generations when it comes to social media. 

The introduction of these seminars proves to the auto industry the importance of marketing their dealerships.  Social media is a great way to get your dealerships name out there.  Not only is social media important, the use of uploading your vehicle inventory to online marketplaces is also helpful.

To learn more about the use of social media for auto dealers on Used Car News, please click here.


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