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Tracking Vehicles Through Social Networking

Sometimes it can be quite difficult to find a vehicle after a customer has bailed out on his or her payments. Thus a new technique has emerged and that is the use of social networking. Currently social networking is primarily used for marketing and advertising, but now it can be used as a great tracking tool to find vehicles that need to be reposed.  Most dealerships ask for a customer’s email address during the transaction which is helpful in tracking that particular person on Facebook or Myspace.  Most people do not realize that the information they put on these sites is public unless they change their personal privacy settings on these sites.  An office manager in Burlington N.J., Drew Pellegrini, said that using these social networks to find vehicles works better with the younger generation. Younger people are more likely to move around thus it is hard to find their new address.  Pellegrini describes one incident where they were unable to find a vehicle for one year after a woman had bailed out on the contract.  So he went online and befriended one of her friends on Facebook using a different identity.  Through doing this he discovered that she was at a local nursing school and he went that day to the school’s parking lot and repossessed the vehicle.

This story demonstrates two lessons.  The first one being that you need to treat your Facebook and MySpace page as a source for public information and protect your privacy.  And secondly this story demonstrates the use of social networking for businesses is emerging in different directions than just marketing and advertising.

The story and picture from Used Car News.


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