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Ohio Man Stays in the Auto Business for 60 Years with No Plans of Retirement

Bob Thompson has pretty much sold it all- from a Ford Model T to a German made Porsche. At the age of 90 years old Bob Thompson has been in the auto business for 60 years. Thompson has never taken a sick day off work and has only taken a short 4 day vacation once. His drive comes from making money and from truly enjoying selling cars. Bob said that a job in the auto industry has “combined two of my loves- cars and talking to people.” Thompson has said that throughout his years in the business he has made many good friends and has had fun buying and selling cars. He takes pleasure in his job so much that he has said, “I have no retirement plan and I am going to die on the job.”

Thompson started off his career in the auto industry at Bob’s Used Cars in Newmark, Ohio (his hometown). Then in 1949 he went on to open a T and T Motors store with his business partner, Bill Targett. Bob then changed partners and eventually went on to go into business for himself. Currently he is working with his son Larry.

Thompson said that the reason that he has been successful is honesty. When people ask him about problems with a vehicle he tells them straight out and this is why he gets such a good reputation with customers. Through a strong reputation he is able to get many referrals and this has brought about his dealerships slogan, “Buy where Dad bought.”

Throughout his 60 years in the business Thompson has seen many tough times. Bob said that, “No matter what the times bring you must stay with it. When the customer asks a question, you must have an answer whether it’s right or wrong.”

I really like this article because of the message it sends to the reader. It shows the importance of enjoying what you do for a living. And that through these rough times in the auto industry Bob illustrates that when the going gets tough the tough keeps going.

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