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The Top Ten Discounted Cars with High Resale Values

With the numerous automaker fall outs and the retirement of aging vehicle models it is no wonder that there are many vehicles on clearance sale.  It is predicted that automakers will retire almost 50 models through a 2 year span; this includes many of the popular cars and models in the market right now.  The future will only tell which cars will still remain popular and which ones will soon be forgotten.  It is important for car dealers to know which vehicles are timeless and which ones are clunkers.   By knowing which models are predicted to be discounted auto dealers will be able to know which cars will make better sales and which car will make better buys at auctions.  The below list was composed by Kelly Blue Book.  They wrote the list based on car models that have been confirmed to be discontinued or there are strong beliefs the car will be axed due to changes in manufacturing and shipping.  These are the top ten discounted cars now, but should have a higher resale value in the future. 

These are the ten best discounted cars:

Toyota Matrix

Toyota FJ Cruiser

Honda S2000

Chevy Colorado Pickup

Lexus SC430

Volkswagen GLI

Hyundai Veracruz

Pontiac G8

Pontiac Solstice

Mercury Sable

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