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Autocheck vs. Carfax the Battle Continues…

Experian’s Autocheck vehicle history reports are now including information that validates to the used car buyer that their vehicle was not a trade-in for the Cash for Clunkers program.  As you know, trade-in cars were supposed to be scrapped for the program and should not be sold.   There were almost 700,000 cars that were traded in and supposed to be destroyed per the program, so this information is crucial when buying a used car.  Autocheck  provides potential buyers with this Cash for Clunkers trade-in information so they know  the vehicle’s status and can feel confident in purchasing their vehicle.  The addition of the Cash for Clunkers information shows Autocheck’s continued investment in improving its product.
I think that this information is extremely valuable to the car buyer and is another win for Autocheck in the race to be the most well trusted vehicle history report provider to the industry.  What do you think?

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