Autocheck vs Carfax Follow Up

We have had dealers ask why we don’t use Carfax over Autocheck because it is a more well known product to their autocheck_logoconsumers due to the nationally run marketing and advertising campaigns.  The answer to that question is simple, Autocheck is a better product.  According to spyfu.com Carfax spends anywhere from $584.17 to $4,140 a day on online advertising; in contrast Autocheck spends anywhere from $208.25 to $1,300 a day on online advertising.  This means that Autocheck spends a quarter of what Carfax spends a day on online advertising.  Not to mention what Carfax spends on traditional advertising, such as, TV commercials.  Yes this is great that Carfax has a large advertising campaign, but what does it say about the accuracy of the vehicle history reports, absolutely nothing.  And isn’t the accuracy of the product more important than the advertising of the product?  As I reported in an earlier post that a new study has come out that states that Autocheck reports twice as many accidents as Carfax reports do.  Yes Carfax might be well known because of their advertisements, but I think   that the accuracy of the reports is more important.

What do you guys think?

2 Responses to “Autocheck vs Carfax Follow Up”

  1. October 21, 2009 at 7:36 am

    I really appreciate your support and knowledge of AutoCheck services. I sell AutoCheck to dealers accross the states and find the CarFax branding a typical issue to overcome in signing up a dealership. 70% of the top 100 dealerships in America utilize AutoCheck services (JD Byrider, CarMax…etc…) but yet because we don’t advertise with billions of dollars each year, consumers trust CarFax more. I agree with you 100% that the public is uneducated regarding the better report. Bottom line is, if dealers truely want to protect their investments, their dealership and their customers, AutoCheck is the better choice. It’s less expensive (we don’t have to over charge customers for our advertisments), you get more accurate information on vehicles 200 days faster and you DO recieve 2 times the amount of accident information on each report than you will with a CarFax. Make the better choice and protect your investments and your family.

  2. October 22, 2009 at 1:13 pm

    Do a side by side comparison of ten randomly selected VINs and you will discover 2 important things. First, the 2X data claim is spurious and second, the level of detail provided on the Carfax report is significantly better.


    The spurious data advantage claim is a result of the analysis methodology. Autocheck added a new data provider, found a bunch of accident vehicles from that data provider, then checked Carfax on those VINs to see if the Carfax report showed the accident. If Carfax conducted the same type of analysis with VINs from data sources Autocheck does not have, then Carfax could claim an even bigger advantage.

    Autocheck accident VINs 100, Carfax reports accident on 50 – Autocheck makes 2X claim
    Carfax accident VINs 100, Autocheck reports accidents on 12 – Carfax makes 8X claim

    The only true measure of a data advantage would be to select a random set of VINs currently in the market (like those listed by Now.com dealers) and run both Autocheck and Carfax on those VINs.

    When you do this, also pay attention to the level of detail on both reports. The Autocheck report will seldom have any information about the history record because they acquire data from aggregators who do not carry the detailed information that Carfax gets from the original data source. If you are really interested in product quality, do the above exercise on 10 random VINs and draw your own conclusion.

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