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A Product that Helps Sale Cars at Dealerships

According to a Used Car News article, Hugh Hatch of Warren, Michigan has come up with a new product that helps sale used-cars 2cars at dealerships.  The product is basically a small weatherproof box that has cards inside of it for passersby to take.  Some of the cards describe each of the vehicle’s information and other cards describe the dealership’s information.  These cards are helpful because they inform the consumer and have the ability to generate phone callls.  Also, by having individual cards for each car on the lot, one is able to see which cars are in higher interest to the typical consumer by taking in account which cards are taken the most.

What do you think of this product?  Do you think it has the ability to help sale cars?  Let me know by posting a comment.


Air Drums Gone Wrong

We may not like to admit it, but I think we have all been guilty of jamming out to music in our car. Until now, I have never realized that it can actually be dangerous to do. Look at the clip below to get a good laugh! Hope you all have a great weekend:)


Autocheck vs Carfax Follow Up

We have had dealers ask why we don’t use Carfax over Autocheck because it is a more well known product to their autocheck_logoconsumers due to the nationally run marketing and advertising campaigns.  The answer to that question is simple, Autocheck is a better product.  According to Carfax spends anywhere from $584.17 to $4,140 a day on online advertising; in contrast Autocheck spends anywhere from $208.25 to $1,300 a day on online advertising.  This means that Autocheck spends a quarter of what Carfax spends a day on online advertising.  Not to mention what Carfax spends on traditional advertising, such as, TV commercials.  Yes this is great that Carfax has a large advertising campaign, but what does it say about the accuracy of the vehicle history reports, absolutely nothing.  And isn’t the accuracy of the product more important than the advertising of the product?  As I reported in an earlier post that a new study has come out that states that Autocheck reports twice as many accidents as Carfax reports do.  Yes Carfax might be well known because of their advertisements, but I think   that the accuracy of the reports is more important.

What do you guys think?


Fun Friday- Don’t You Dare Touch My Car

I thought this was a pretty funny commercial. It was made by the Itallian car company Fiat. Check it out:) And think twice before putting your hands on someone’s car!


He Sold 1,425 New Cars in One Year!

In the book, How to Sell Yourself, Joe Girard the author, talks about his life, techniques, and insight that helped himhowtosellyourself set and currently hold the Guinness Book of World Records for being the Number One New Car Salesman. Joe sold in one year alone 1,425 new cars that is an average of 119 new cars a month!

Joe grew up in the automotive capitol Detroit, Michigan, so it was likely that he ended up in the automotive industry. In his book he describes that you are not selling a product (a car) you are always selling yourself and that is the most important product. He goes on to say that in order to sell yourself to other people you need to be sold on yourself. The book goes on in further detail on ways and skills he has learned on how to be a successful salesperson.

It is a very interesting book and I think you will find it a good read. And in these economic times, getting a little advice from the person who is granted the title of Number One New Car Salesman couldn’t hurt:)


Fun Friday- Car Fail

Gas for Clunkers do it yourself video below. Have a great weekend! Let me know what you think of the video by leaving a comment.


A Better Way to Manage Credit Reports

Did you know that Nowcom is one of the largest authorized credit resellers in the nation?  That is why Dealer Desktop credit-scoreusers have access to three credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.  Running credit reports on your customers is vital to your business.  If you want to find the vehicle that is most suitable for them, then you need to know their credit score.  Whether you want to print the applications, set appointments and call backs, run the reports, or even store customer files, Dealer Desktop has it all with the customer and credit module.

If your customers are looking for ways to improve their credit score than direct them to this article.  Do you know of any other useful ways to improve credit scores?


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