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If you are going to drive in New York think twice!

This year a study was done by Autovantage, an independent research company, to see which cities hosted the least and most courteous drivers. Autovantage interviewed 2,500 drivers from large metropolitan areas. The researchers’ found that the discourteous drivers displayed more aggressive behaviors, such as, tailgating and road rage. In contrast, the more courteous drivers exhibited more forgiveness to others bad driving behaviors.  Below are the results from Autovantage’s 2009 study.

The top five discourteous driving cities:bad driver
1. New York
2. Dallas/ Fort Worth
3. Detroit
4. Atlanta
5. Minneapolis/ St. Paul


The top five courteous driving cities:
1. Portland, Oregon
2. Cleveland
3. Baltimore
4. Sacramento
5. Pittsburgh

Do you agree with these results? Do you have any stories about discourteous drivers? Do share!
To read the full article written by Used Car Dealer Magazine please click here and go to page six.