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Fun Friday- Badger Commercial

Okay, so there is a big chance that you have already seen these commercials, but I’m bringing them out of the wood works.  I think they are so funny.

So please do not have this type of car salesman on your lot. haha.  Enjoy!  Have a great weekend.  Let me know if you think these are funny too!


FTC Delays the Red Flags Rule Again!

red flagsJuly 29, 2009– The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) said that it will delay the Red Flags Rule enforcement to November 1, 2009, which is the third time it has been postponed. Although the Red Flags Rule enforcement has been postponed, the FTC suggests that companies apply risk based programs to aid in the chances of identity theft.  In order to aid against fraud and identity theft Dealer Desktop offers Precise ID, a feature that allows one to maintain compliance with the Red Flags Rule.  For more information or guidance about the Red Flags Rule check out this Subprime News article or visit the Red Flags Rule website.

So what do you think, what precautions are you using right now?  Are you using Precise ID? Let me know by leaving a comment below.


Hello Dealer Desktop

Dealer Desktop pic 

Dealer Desktop is auto dealer software that integrates a variety of advanced features to make managing your dealership simple.  With just one program you can run an entire dealership.   

What sets Dealer Desktop apart from its competition is that the software is all in one. This means that everything you need to manage your dealership can be found on one program; there is no need to switch back and forth between different programs. 

I have come to know a wide range of Dealer Desktop features; my favorite is the dealership website feature.  I like this feature because it creates a well designed website for your company while saving you time.  To set up a website for your company it would take an enormous amount of time and effort.  And shouldn’t you be using all that time and effort to sale cars, while having a fabulous website through Dealer Desktop?  Sounds simple enough to me! What do you think?  Which feature makes your life the easiest?


Fun Friday- The Goods Movie Trailer

I thought you might like to watch the trailer of this new movie that is coming out.  The movie is called The Goods and Jermey Piven is the lead role.  The movie is about a guy named Don Ready (Jermey Piven) who tries to turn around a struggling car dealership for their Independence Day sale.   Hope you enjoy the movie trailer.  Fill out the poll below to let me know what you think!


Now is the time to read the NOWCOM blog!

Hello there my name is Sarah, I am the company’s marketing specialist.   I am a proud member of the staff over here at Nowcom.  The staff is comprised of the most talented and hard working individuals in the business.   The Nowcom employees all work together to come up with the most advanced and updated auto dealer software.  And we like to have a little fun too!  Below are pictures of some of the Nowcom employees at the summer pool party to celebrate the launch of our newly redesigned website.

Pool Party at nowcom

The Nowcom blog is going to be full of entertaining and interesting information.  The blog will let you get to know more about the Nowcom team, the newest product features and updates, up and coming developments, interviews, and the latest news.  Plus you get to hear my view point on a lot of things:) Every week I will touch up on the latest updates with our auto management software, Dealer Desktop and I will keep you laughing with the Fun Friday posts to help you start off your weekend with a smile.

I am assuming if you are reading this blog you are somewhat of a car enthusiast like me.  I was thinking about my dream car today and I came to the realization that I would be happy with any of these cars.  What is your dream car?  I would love to know.  Keep me posted by submitting a comment.


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